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    Hire High Schoolers is the vision of Alex Glenn of Chicago IL. Alex believes very strongly the sooner you know what it means for someone else to pay you for work you are good at, the sooner you will become a responsible and productive member of society. Alex has been employed since he was 13 years old – when he washed dishes in a small town restaurant. The sooner he rationalized what a paycheck did for his personal freedoms (and weekend), the sooner he realized what not having a paycheck would do for these benefits.

    Without knowing what we’re worth to an employer, we don’t have a realistic understanding of what potential really is. Receiving “minimum wage” is a defining moment in one’s life and it MUST happen at a time when you know that’s just the beginning. If we wait to employ our citizens when they are post-highschool or post-college, our society as a whole will suffer.

    So back to Alex. He was listening to a segment on NPR in traffic one day in 2015. The guest was explaining how the recent budget cuts by our gov’t on public schools have negatively impacted the job placement and career counseling programs. “In some cases, schools that once had a job directory site, a job fair, and an entire department for career counseling now may only have one person designated to to job placement or career counseling for the entire school, if anyone at all.” This forced Alex to begin reflecting on his career path. Where it has come and where it began. If he hadn’t worked in restaurants as a high schooler, he would not have realized his goal of becoming a chef was not actually what he wanted until way too late. And he would have never had the experience of dealing with good and bad leaders to be able to navigate future opportunities the way he has.

    In short, while listening to that segment on NPR, Alex decided to do what he could to help high school students find jobs while showing employers the value of hiring high school students over an older candidate. was born. Depending on when you read this, we could have few or many opportunities in your area. Either way, know we are active on this campaign to help high school students find jobs all over the U.S..

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