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    Alex Glenn
    Aug 16 th, 2016
    Getting a Job as a Teenager-Gigs For High Scholers-How To No Comments

    Finding And Posting A Job For High School Students



    It’s tough out there for the teenagers willing and eager to work. Thankfully, you found us πŸ™‚ is a platform that will help you [the teenager] promote yourself and your talents to local business owners able to hire you. We also offer listings and support for teens seeking internships or apprenticeships as well.

    Either way, you ill have to go through these steps to be listed on our site:

    Step 1: Click here to Create a Profile.

    Step 2: Make sure you toggle the switch stating you are here to work!

    Hire Teenagers

    Step 3: Choose a title for your profile. No need to be specific – just type in a title that describes your ambition.

    High Schoolers seeking work

    Step 4: Choose an hourly rate. Keep in mind, if you are interested in an internship, just type a 0. Most internships will not pay. If you have a required hourly rate, type that:

    Internship rates for high schoolers

    Step 5: Add your skills by typing one in and hitting return:

    Hiring High Schoolers with Skills

    Step 6: Check to receive emails about your category:

    Email alerts for jobs for high school students

    Step 7: Save your profile and we will review it.

    High Schoolers seeking work