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    Alex Glenn
    Sep 28 th, 2016
    Recruiting High Schoolers No Comments

    How employers manage their recruiting pipeline with high school students?


    How employers manage their recruiting pipeline with high school students?

    A well-established recruiting pipeline can be defined as one of the most important tools available out there for corporate recruiters. It can assist them to make their lives easy while staying away from hassle. The talent pool of a company is made out of current interns who are looking forward to get into full-time positions and campus hires.

    However, the process followed by companies when creating the talent pools is somewhat questionable. In fact, the companies don’t seem to be investing enough time and energy to reach students and high school career counselors in order to create the recruiting pipeline. The companies try to fill out the internship vacancies that they have by hiring university and college students. However, they do not stop by that and they go on searching for talent. Most of the companies have realized that high school students are in a position to create a positive impact on the internship programs. As a result, we will be able to see more and more interns coming into the candidate pools.

    Methods followed by employers when acquiring younger talent

    From a recent study that was conducted by Millennial Branding with the participation of employers from all parts of the country, it was discovered that around 50% of the employers are accepting or planning to accept applications from high school students in order to fill up their internship vacancies. On the other hand, around 50% of the high school students are also willing to take part in internship programs with the objective of developing their professional career. These studies give life to some interesting conclusions. Even though the companies are looking forward to include more and more high school students to their recruiting pipelines, about half of the students still remain untapped. The companies will have to think about taking necessary measures in order to attract that untapped group of high school students as soon as possible.

    There is a tough competition in between high school students as well. Therefore, companies will find it as a difficult task to attract the best out of them. In that kind of a situation, the companies that take necessary measures to implement high school internship programs will be able to receive successful results in the long run. That’s because they will be able to create a well-developed pipeline of potential candidates. This can also create an ideal platform for the employers to interact with high school career counselors can experience benefits.

    What are the benefits of high school internships?

    Various studies have been conducted in order to figure out the benefits associated with high school internships. Recently, Millennial Branding conducted a survey to figure out what the high school students prefer to gain out of their high school internship opportunities. 92% of them have wanted to gain new skills, 81% wanted to get work experience and 72% wanted networking or mentorship. These expectations are somewhat similar to the expectation of university students. If the students can gain new experiences and skills during their internships, they can simply list them down in their college applications and resumes. On the other hand, they will get the opportunity to establish excellent professional contacts at the beginning of their careers.

    Another survey was conducted by Millennial Branding to figure out why companies tend to offer high school internship opportunities. 46% of the companies are offering the internship opportunities with the objective of supporting high schools in the neighborhood. On the other hand, 18% of the companies are looking to find future college interns whereas 23% is planning to gain new ideas. When a company is supporting its local area, it will be able to increase the brand reputation in a convenient manner. On the other hand, the talent of high school students can deliver fresh perspectives to the businesses. The students who perform well during their internship periods will be able to get into permanent roles as soon as they finish studying.