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    Alex Glenn
    Sep 14 th, 2016
    Getting a Job as a Teenager-How To-Resume No Comments

    How To: Create A Great Resume Even When You Don’t Have Any Experience



    What is a resume? Is it purely work experience and education? Or is it a sheet of paper that explains why you are the top candidate for the job? If you chose the latter, you would be correct.

    A resume is nothing more than a way for you to show what you’re capable of based on some of your past experiences, affiliations, extracurricular activities, sports and course-work. This is where you brag. You should be proud of what you’ve done. And I will show you a few tricks to fill your resume with what will set you apart.

    Volunteer for a non-profit.

    Joining an NPO can be one of the fastest ways to gain real-world experience in an industry of your choice. They need help, and volunteers constantly. You can provide value for them while they provide a highlight on your resume. Search for an NPO in an industry you want to be in. Or, in an industry affiliated with yours. As an example, if you want to get into HR, search for “NPO in (your city) helping people find work.”

    Join a club at your school.

    Employers love to see that you are a team player. If you aren’t a member of a club in your school , join one. You don’t have to have been a member for years. But having a membership will allow you to fill one important slot on your resume under “Clubs.” If you have a large school with numerous clubs, try and find one that applies to an industry you are interested in. And if you are passionate enough about an activity that is not currently a club at your school, there is no reason not to start one yourself. Founding a club at your school makes you stand out from most teenage applicants.

    Organize an event. 

    This task should not be taken lightly. Organizing an event is difficult and time-consuming. It requires you to take on thankless responsibilities – all the more reason to accomplish it. You will be glad you did regardless of how difficult or how well you do at it. Simply go to your club president or school events team, and make a case as to why you should co-organize (or organize alone) an event in the future. If you are willing and eager, they will more than likely have no problem assigning you an event to organize. Whether you succeed or fail, you will learn a lot and employers will value that experience.

    Contact a family friend to assign you a short term job. 

    Having work experience for your family business is good, but it can be perceived as a given. But, your parents’ friends or friends parents may own businesses and willing to offer you a part time job. Be up front with your contact and let them know you really need the experience to build your resume.