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    Alex Glenn
    Aug 14 th, 2016
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    Importance of Setting Goals



    A goal is an endeavor that a person sets himself or herself to attain at a certain point in the future. In this context, a life goal may be something that is tangible or intangible. For instance, the current generation is obsessed with health goals. Many people are looking forward to losing some weight or gaining some muscle here and there. Others set academic performance goals and others set business related goals. Financial goals are also important and common goals that people set.

    Setting goals is important in life because it gives you focus and gives your life a sense of purpose. Waking up every day and carrying out the normal errands is no longer as exciting as it used to be. This lifestyle has been overtaken by the gratification that comes from setting goals and achieving them. Nowadays, people are setting personal goals and working towards them with an unbreakable force. Achieving personal goals gives an individual the strength and the confidence to set another goal. This other goal is usually higher than the previous one. This brings about continuous growth to an individual. The result of this is a higher esteem and a brighter perspective on life.

    For one to come up with a goal, they must know themselves well. This requires a thorough self-analysis to determine what they want in life. Setting goals cannot just be for the sake of it or because other people are setting goals and it is the cool thing to do. Personal goals also need to be aligned with one’s life and what or where they want to be in future. An athlete, for instance, cannot set a goal to gain five pounds whereas his particular sport needs him to loose five pounds. A goal needs to be focused and simple enough to make it achievable. This will then give a person the skills to set a higher goal since the challenges one faces to achieve that smaller goal cumulatively gives one the skills to achieve higher goals.

    Personal goals make someone a better person. It makes a person more productive at work, hard working at their career and more energetic in their daily activities. Setting goals as a student earns one better marks. Athletes perform better and break records to clinch world titles and fame. Every point in a human being’s life faces challenges that require one to set goals in order to get better for the future.