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    Alex Glenn
    Nov 5 th, 2016
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    How To: Write A Great Resume When You Have Very Little Experience…

     How To Write A Great Resume When You Have Very Little Experience…

    Whether you have finished high school or completed your college degree at some point every individual will face the challenge of convincing employers to hire an individual with no experience for a first job. While an education or a degree can be considered a plus, it is often job experience that is hard to come by. However, with an attitude to learn new skills, and to apply the skills one already has is perhaps the most important attributes which need to be highlighted, that can shine through any resume in order to convince prospective employers of oneś potential.

    Human resource managers or hiring managers believe that the work history of a probable employee is an indicator of on-the-job performance. With this in mind, the following points and tips will enable first-time job seekers to impress on a first resume.


    First impressions count

    A point to keep in mind when putting together your resume is that what you put in words and on paper is the first impression an employer will gather about you. While it is true you may not have work experience to boast about every individual has positive and workable attributes that they can boast about a bit. So make sure the tone is positive in your resume.


    Keep it concise

    One factor to keep in mind is that a neat and concise resume make it easier to run through than pages and pages of details. Place only the most relevant information in your resume and what will coincide with your probable employers needs. Stick to bullet point to draw attention and wherever necessary just a short four-sentence or less paragraph to explain details should be the key. A long drawn out resume could sometimes be off-putting.Resume for someone without experience


    Begin with your objectives

    Begin your resume with an objective. This is an indicator to your prospective employer that you are capable and are focused. In this section talk a bit about yourself and what you hope to gain once employed and how your objectives and mindset could be compatible with your employer´s expectations.

    An important point to note is that resumes that have no job experience  to offer include objectives so that you can demonstrate to your potential employer the set of skills that you possess. By showcasing your skills and abilities prospective employers could form an idea about whether or not you would be a match for the company.


    Emphasize the good things about your character

    Another great reason to incorporate objectives in your resume is because it aids in helping to emphasize your character and personality traits. Most companies are aware that certain personality traits can be adaptable to changing work environments while others cannot. Beginning your resume by emphasizing your characteristics that would make you valuable to the company, will enable you to call attention to your resume.